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xBeAI/BeAI Mechanics

BeAI as the native token and xBeAI as the secondary/ utility tokens constitute dual-token economics on the other hand fixes the weakness of the single-token economy. Separating the single token into a native token and a utility token helps to reduce the impact of the secondary market on the overall ecosystem and the price fluctuation of the native token would not affect the economic mechanism of the utility token.

Swap function for xBEAI:

  • BEAI can be swapped to xBEAI if a user wishes to use learn or earn AI engine
  • For example, if USER A swaps 1000 $BEAI tokens to xBEAI (when $BEAI is trading @0.5 USDT) then USER A will get 500 xBEAI. xBEAI swapping will trigger automatically via smart contract.
  • The xBEAI swapping will be limited and controlled by the demand of USDT for the Learn AI engine.

Burn function for xBEAI:

  • The xBEAI burn will occur if a user wishes to swap xBEAI back to BEAI tokens
  • For example, If USER A swaps 500 xBEAI back to BEAI tokens (when $BEAI is trading at 0.5 USDT) then USER A will get 1000 $BEAI, but if USER A swaps 500 xBEAI (when $BEAI is trading at 5 USDT) then USER A will get 100 $BEAI.
  • Once the USER A gets $BEAI tokens then xBEAI will be burnt and will be out of circulation.
This overall swap and burn mechanics creates a positive feedback loop and prevents excess xBEAI to be in circulation and also unaffected by the volatility of the native BEAI tokens.