Utility Token (xBEAI)

What is the xBEAI token?

The xBeAI token is the utility and the secondary token in the BeNFT ecosystem which fuels the BeNFT Learn AI engine. It is required to provide a stable base unaffected by market volatility and it is always pegged to 1 USDT.

The xBEAI is a Bep-20 token with mintable mechanics hence it doesn't have a fixed supply.

Is xBEAI an inflationary or a deflationary token?

xBEAI could be considered an inflationary token as it's mintable but with controlled minting mechanics which depend on the demand and supply in the BENFT ecosystem. xBEAI mint and burn functions allow the project to curb its inflation.

Mint for xBEAI only triggers when users lock their BEAI tokens to access The Learn AI engine and its burn triggers when users convert xBEAI back to BEAI which creates a positive feedback loop and prevents excess xBEAI to be in circulation.

What are the utilities of xBEAI?

  • Learn AI: xBEAI plays a pivotal role in the BeNFT Learn platform, as it serves as a means of payment for all services and products offered within the platform's ecosystem. XBeAI provides users with a fast, secure, and convenient way to transact on the platform.

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