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Native Token ($BeAI)

What is the $BEAI token?

BeNFT native token, BEAI, is a BEP-20 token with a max cap of 7,000,000 tokens and it is the value token of the whole ecosystem to be used as trading, governance, staking rewards, LP rewards, and swapping with xBEAI.

What is the $BEAI use case?

  • Trading: $BEAI is the value token that would be tradeable on CEX's and DEX's after the token generation event. It being a value token will determine the project market valuation with respect to its circulating supply
  • Single Staking: The single staking model acts as an incentive for holding BEAI tokens and supporting the ecosystem. Stakers receive freshly issued BEAI as incentives to help sustain the economy and growth of the project. Stakers APY will be dynamic and to be announced before the single staking goes live
  • LP staking: It is another incentive for those staking to provide liquidity as in pair of BEAI/USDT on Decentralized exchanges. Stakers will be issued BEAI with a dynamic APY, the purpose of LP staking is to help solve a potentially vital issue for DEXs and projects that require liquidity in order for trades to go ahead unaffected. When providing liquidity, users interact with the yield farm’s smart contracts. These determine how much of a contribution was made by someone, and how much they need to be rewarded.
  • Swapping xBEAI: $BEAI is also used to swap for xBEAI tokens, which are utility tokens within the BeNFT ecosystem. xBEAI is pegged to 1 USD and is used for transactions within the ecosystem, such as purchasing NFTs and learning engines, etc.
  • Governance: $BEAI tokens can also be used for governance in the BeNFT ecosystem. Token holders can use their tokens to participate in community decisions and vote on important proposals, such as changes to the protocol, upgrades, and new features. This gives the community a voice and helps ensure the long-term success and growth of the project.
Overall, $BEAI is a versatile token with multiple utilities within the BeNFT ecosystem. It can be used for trading, staking, providing liquidity, accessing BENFT products, NFTs, and governance. Its utilities are designed to incentivize users to support and contribute to the ecosystem's growth and sustainability.