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How does the utility token work in The AI Learn Engine?

The BENFT utility token (XBeAI) plays a pivotal role in the BeNFT Learn platform, as it serves as a means of payment for all services and products offered within the platform's ecosystem. XBeAI provides users with a fast, secure, and convenient way to transact on the platform, which is particularly valuable for students who are seeking to access quality education at an affordable cost.
Users can use XBeAI to pay for courses, course-related materials, exclusive on-campus (metaverse) passes, and other products and services offered within the platform. As a decentralized finance (DeFi) token, XBeAI offers users access to the BeNFT Metaverse and DeFi shops, where they can buy, sell, or trade tokens with other users, creating a vibrant and active community that can interact within the platform.
Moreover, by using XBeAI, users can take advantage of lower transaction fees and faster processing times than traditional payment methods, creating a more streamlined and efficient payment process that benefits all users. Additionally, XBeAI serves as a reward mechanism for students who complete courses, which provides an additional incentive for users to engage with the platform and unlock its full potential.
XBeAI is an integral part of the BeNFT Learn platform, providing users with a seamless and convenient means to access its services and products. Its use creates an organic, actively contributing, and engaged community of users, incentivizes learning, and provides a more efficient payment process that benefits everyone.