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This document, its authors, and any party associated with BeNFT as a company, token, or cryptocurrency, hereafter referred to as "BeNFT," do not provide investment or financial advice in any way through the contents of this whitepaper. Those who decide to invest in the project, its token, infrastructure, or team should be aware that any monetary investment entails risks. BeNFT is not a fiat token, and its value varies according to market capitalization and trading volume. As a result, all investors and potential investors should be aware that there is no guarantee that the token's initial value will be retained.
When investing, holding, and managing assets on the blockchain or otherwise, it is critical to follow applicable state, federal, and other regulations. BeNFT accepts no responsibility, legal, financial, civil, penal, or otherwise, for parties who sue it for any reason, including perceived or actual financial loss. BeNFT reserves the right to update and change the White paper as required and we endeavor to have the most up-to-date information to be reflected on it.
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