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The BeNFT AI Learn platform offers a seamless and secure shopping experience through our DeFi Shop. Our shop allows users to manage their digital assets efficiently and transparently, providing a safe space for students to exchange unique digital assets. Whether you're looking to expand your textbook collection or grab that ticket to the next big event, our shop is the ideal place to browse.
The BeNFT DeFi Shop is an integral component of our ecosystem, serving many essential functions including course selection and enrollment. As the first stop on our students' journey, the DeFi Shop is the location to browse and enroll in classes on the metaverse campus. It also acts as a hub to track your progress and achievements.
In addition, our DeFi Shop enables us to mint NFTs in a central location. This is where students can access course-related materials (e-books) and exclusive on-campus (metaverse) passes as well as charity-pledged NFTs. These NFTs work in conjunction with the BeNFT Foundation, which provides ongoing support to charities globally.
We also provide a secure and reliable secondary market where users can buy and sell non-soul-bound NFTs at lower fees compared to other platforms. Our shop runs on the BSC Network, increasing interoperability, as all non-soul-bound NFTs can also be listed on any other BSC marketplace. The secondary marketplace includes features to streamline NFT management, such as creating a watchlist of favorite NFTs or required course materials, receiving alerts when new NFTs become available, and tracking the value of collections over time.
Finally, the DeFi dashboard allows users to track their current courses, progress, and grades. This is an invaluable tool when it comes to selecting future modules and organizing your calendar to fit in all the studies required for your degree. At BeNFT, we are committed to providing a convenient and secure shopping experience for our users while ensuring that they have access to all the tools they need to succeed.