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Use Cases for BeNFT AI Learn to Earn

B2B Use Case:

BeNFT will partner with businesses to provide customized training and upskilling programs for their employees. By leveraging AI, AR, VR, and XR, BeNFT can create personalized learning experiences that cater to each employee's unique needs and learning style. This approach can result in a more engaged and productive workforce, as well as increased job satisfaction and retention rates. In fact, research shows that businesses that invest in employee training and development can see a 24% increase in profit margins compared to those that don't.
According to the Association for Talent Development, companies in the United States alone spent $83 billion on training and development in 2020. However, many of these programs are still delivered in a traditional classroom or e-learning format, which can be less engaging and less effective than immersive, interactive experiences. By partnering with BeNFT, businesses can reduce the cost of ineffective training and upskilling, and instead invest in a more effective and engaging learning solution.

B2C Use Case:

BeNFT will target individual consumers who are interested in upskilling or advancing their careers. Through a subscription-based model, users can access a library of immersive, interactive courses that are tailored to their unique needs and interests. BeNFT can also leverage AI to recommend new courses and programs based on each user's learning history and preferences.
According to a report from the Strada Education Network, more than 32 million working-age adults in the United States lack the necessary skills and credentials to succeed in the job market. This skills gap is estimated to cost the U.S. economy $1.2 trillion per year in lost productivity and earnings. By providing accessible, affordable upskilling solutions, BeNFT can help bridge this gap and empower individuals to achieve their career goals.

B2B2C Use Case:

BeNFT will collaborate with businesses that want to offer upskilling programs to their customers or clients. For example, a bank could partner with BeNFT to provide financial literacy courses to its customers. This approach can result in increased customer loyalty and retention, as well as improved financial outcomes for customers.
By using the platform, B2B2C users can provide a personalized and immersive learning experience to their customers, while also benefiting from the platform's advanced features, including the AI Learn Engine and the Soul Bound Tokens. With the platform's global reach, B2B2C users can also expand their customer base and generate additional revenue streams
According to a report from the World Economic Forum, over one billion people will need reskilling by 2030 due to automation and other technological advancements. By partnering with BeNFT, businesses can help their employees and team members prepare for this shift and position themselves for success in the future.

D2C Use Case:

BeNFT is aimed at people who want to pursue education or upskilling possibilities outside of their present job or industry. BeNFT can offer classes and programs that cater to certain interests and sectors by using a direct-to-consumer strategy. This strategy has the potential to result in a more varied and engaged learning community, as well as enhanced brand awareness and loyalty for BeNFT.
Educational content creators can use the platform to take advantage of BeNFT's advanced features, such as the AI Learn Engine and Soul Bound Tokens, to provide an immersive and personalized learning experience for their students. D2C users can also benefit from the platform's global reach by reaching a larger audience and generating revenue from their courses.
According to a report from McKinsey, individuals who pursue education and upskilling opportunities outside of their primary career can experience a 7-12% increase in earnings. By providing accessible and engaging learning opportunities, BeNFT can help individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their career goals.


BeNFT addresses the costly problem of ineffective training and upskilling by providing immersive, interactive learning experiences that are tailored to each user's unique needs and interests. With potential use cases in B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and D2C, BeNFT has the potential to impact a wide range of industries and individuals.