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Soulbound Tokens Certificates & Credentials

Soul-bound Tokens are digital tokens that are unique to a specific user and cannot be transferred or traded to another wallet. This characteristic makes them an excellent tool for verifying ownership of assets or credentials, such as a degree or certificate, in BeNFT's educational platform. When a student selects a course on the BeNFT platform, they receive a Soulbound Token that grants them access to the virtual classroom. As they progress through the course, the Soulbound Token evolves, changing its appearance to reflect their progress. The final form of the token serves as proof of completion of the course and can be showcased to potential employers or higher education institutions.
The use of blockchain technology ensures that the Soulbound Token is immutable and easily verifiable, providing a secure and reliable way to authenticate ownership and completion of the course. BeNFT also uses Skill-based Tokens (SBTs) to provide verifiable and tamper-proof certifications for completed courses. These tokens represent specific skills or competencies and are issued to students upon completion of a course. They can be used to demonstrate expertise to potential employers or clients, providing an added advantage in the job market.