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How does it work?

BeNFT's learning management system is designed to ensure transparency and security by leveraging blockchain technology. The platform utilizes NFTs and SBTs to provide certifications and credentials for completed courses, with NFTs representing ownership of a course, and SBTs representing completion. Additionally, the platform incorporates an AI Learn Engine, which provides personalized learning experiences for each student based on their learning patterns and preferences.
The AI algorithms of the Learn Engine analyze student performance, grade papers, and function as a personal tutor. This leads to a more efficient learning experience and better retention of information. The platform also incorporates a metaverse, which allows students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios, promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Additionally, it fosters social interactions and teamwork, creating equal opportunities for students from different backgrounds.
The blockchain technology incorporated by BeNFT ensures the accuracy and authenticity of academic records and educational credentials. It provides a secure and transparent platform for storing and sharing educational credentials, streamlining the hiring process for employers. To further drive engagement and retention, the platform rewards students with digital currency for their progress, gamifying the educational journey.
Upon logging in through their wallet, students can select their course and access the learning content through the BeNFTs metaverse. Here they can attend classes, study with AI tutors, interact with their peers, work on group projects, and apply their knowledge in practical scenarios. As they progress through their learning journey, their achievements and credentials are stored in the metadata of their soul-bound NFT. This creates a secure and verifiable record of their education, providing a valuable asset for their future careers, as employers can easily verify their educational credentials and skills.
Overall, BeNFT's Learn Engine offers a cutting-edge and personalized learning experience by integrating AI, metaverses, and blockchain technology. It promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills while providing a secure and verifiable platform for storing and sharing educational credentials.