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About AI Learn Engine

The BeNFT AI Learn Engine is an innovative and interactive SaaS(Software as a Service) leveraging a metaverse design that revolutionizes the traditional learning process by utilizing blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. It aims to motivate and engage students by providing a personalized, enjoyable, and rewarding learning experience. By leveraging machine learning and AI, the platform supports each student based on their unique needs and learning style.
Additionally, the BeNFT Learn Engine introduces the concept of BeNFTs, which are Soul Bound Tokens (SBT) that verify academic and professional achievements, creating a tamper-proof record. Students can take control of their learning journey and acquire the skills and knowledge required to succeed in today's rapidly changing job market through the BeNFT Learn Engine.
BeNFT was founded by a team of experienced professionals who share a passion for education and technology. The team is committed to creating a platform that equips students with the resources and tools required to thrive in today's ever-changing world.