AI Learn Engine

At the heart of BeNFT's platform lies the AI Learn Engine, powered by AI and machine learning algorithms. This engine analyzes a student's learning patterns to create personalized learning experiences and provides feedback and recommendations to improve the learning process.
BeNFT's Learn Engine is an educational metaverse platform that merges the capabilities of blockchain technology and AI, offering an immersive and collaborative learning experience to students. The platform allows students to progress at their own pace and features communal areas for collaboration and learning from one another. Additionally, each student is provided access to a personalized AI tutor to support their educational journey.
Enrolling in a program on our platform rewards users with a Soul Bound Token (SBT). As students complete milestones and assignments, the NFT evolves and they earn USDT as a reward.
Upon completion of the course, the Soul-bound NFT takes its final form and serves as a certificate or degree that can be displayed to potential employers or higher education institutions. We are also planning to launch a Web 3.0 professional network, which will be the perfect place to showcase and maximize soul-bound educational achievements, connect with the right employer, hire the right team members and find the right courses to upskill current and future team members and leaders.